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Helping you find the right independent mortgage advisor in Preston, we want to support first-time buyers, those looking at buy to lets, or anyone considered remortgaging to get not just one of the best deals on the market but the right deal for your financial situation.

Your mortgage broker will scour the mortgage market, tailor solutions, and find the right mortgage products for you.

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We provide you with details and information about independent financial advisors near you. Local to Preston, we match you with expert mortgage advisors that help you find the right mortgage for your situation.

Putting your mind at ease and offering you confidence in your financial decision, our matching service is 100% free of charge; all we ask is that if you do work with the advisor you’re paired with, you keep us informed of how you got on.

Independent and with access to the entire range of mortgages, Preston, you will receive some of the best deals available.

Find a mortgage match in just three steps:

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  3. We organise a call between you and the advisor to decide if you would like to proceed.

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Working with Mortgage Assistant

Working with Mortgage Assistant

We understand that the financial and mortgage market can be a complex minefield of paperwork and numbers, and we know that not everyone has the time (or patience) to gather all the relevant information and compare this with others in the market.

That’s why we use our experience and expertise to make the process of finding a mortgage in Preston as straightforward as possible.

Helping you to get your foot on the property ladder, build your property portfolio through buy-to-lets, and helping you secure the best strategy for remortgaging, your mortgage broker Preston can help with it all.

Explaining your options and providing valuable information helps you make the most informed decision and the right decision for you.

For expert advice that you can trust, let us help.

Finding the right mortgage deal

Finding the right mortgage deal for you is dependent on several factors. Factors such as:

Length of the mortgage term – how long do you want to take on a mortgage for, i.e., the average mortgage term spans 25 years; however, this can be extended, so your monthly payments remain low, or you can reduce the term, however this will increase your monthly payments. Discussing all possible options with your mortgage advisor will help to provide further clarity.

Fixed or variable? Depending on your situation and what would make you feel most comfortable, you can choose a fixed-term deal where you know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month or a variable deal that is often lower, but as the term suggests, can vary month to month.

How long you want to be tied to a mortgage deal. For example, most mortgage deals tend to tie borrowers in for either 2 or 5 years. These terms are two of the most common; however, today, there are many options available, and again your mortgage advisor will be able to find the best deals and terms for you.

If you’re looking for a mortgage advisor, Preston let us put you in touch with some of the best!

What can I expect from my mortgage advisor?

Your mortgage advisor works with you. They listen to your situation and what it is you want to achieve.

They then get to work, searching the entire mortgage market to find the best mortgages Preston has to offer.

Finding the right deal for you is essential; however, your financial advisor will also look into fees, the length of term you will be tied to, how much it can cost you to switch deals, and so much more.

They take away the stress of analysing the market presenting to you solutions that work.

Most importantly, they can check that you won’t be tied into the lender’s Standard Variable Rate at any point over the term of your deal, as often this is the most expensive rate you will find in the market.

To provide you with confidence and save you considerable time, find a financial advisor Preston today.

What you need to support your advisor

To help your mortgage advisor get the process moving and your application progressing, you will need to provide:

Payslips for yourself and any others who will be named on the mortgage, ideally for the last three months.

Have proof of the deposit you will be putting down on the property.

Have a record of your combined disposable income.

Details of your credit score/your credit report (you can access this via one of the three UK credit reference agencies).

Your mortgage broker will use all the information you provide to access deals in the marketplace

Get started with the right broker today.

How long until I get the keys to my property?

The question on everyone’s lips! How long until you can open the door to your new home!

The answer isn’t completely straightforward and won’t be the same for everyone, as each situation and property type is different. However, you can expect a time frame of between 3 and 6 months.

During the mortgage process, a lot is going on, from the preparation to the conveyancing, carrying out surveys, exchanging contracts, and agreeing on completion dates.

Let your mortgage advisor guide you in the right direction – choose to work with a professional today.

More to taking on a mortgage than meets the eye

Various factors will impact your decision on whether to take on a mortgage.

A mortgage is a big commitment and a long-term investment, so it’s important to understand all areas and costs associated with this.

First and foremost you need to check affordability levels. Is the property you are looking to purchase within your financial means?

Have you built into your costing’s conveyancing costs (the legal fees associated with buying a property), stamp duty (land tax), life insurance, building and content insurance, survey costs, and more?

With a professional, independent, FCA-approved mortgage advisor working with you, they can take care of all these areas, putting your mind at ease that your mortgage application is covered from start to finish.

With nothing to lose and the house of your dreams to gain, get started with Mortgage Assistant today.

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