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Manchester’s largest district, Wythenshawe, is a renowned and extremely large housing estate. A build that began in the 1920s, creating a `garden city` where people could be rehoused due to the overpopulation Manchester was experiencing at the time.

Wythenshawe offers excellent transport links into and out of the city with a community feel and great affordable housing, making it an extremely popular place to reside.

With a great range of property types and average house prices ranging from £150,000 to £200,000, if you’re looking to buy a home in Wythenshawe and you would like an expert mortgage advisor to help get you the best mortgage deal, speak to Mortgage Assistant today.

We provide a FREE find an advisor tool, so you have the right expert supporting your mortgage application and helping you to secure your new home in no time.

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We are Mortgage Assistant

At Mortgage Assistant, we aim to provide those looking for a property in Wythenshawe with expert, impartial advice from those who know the mortgage market inside and out.

An FCA-approved professional who acts as an independent broker, so you have access to all lenders in the market and the deals they have to offer. With the expertise to answer all of your mortgage-related questions openly and honestly.

How do you find these independent, professional advisors?

Through Mortgage Assistant.

Our find an advisor tool helps to put you in contact with the right person for your situation.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home in Wythenshawe, you’re moving to a new house, or you’re looking to re-mortgage and switch to a better deal, we can find a mortgage advisor to help start you on the right housing road!

Securing the best deal for you, your mortgage advisor will listen to your requirements and build a full picture of you and your financial circumstances. From here providing you with thorough information and details on the deals that will work for you.

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Why work with us?

We put our experience and knowledge of the sector to the test, finding our customers only the best of the best mortgage advisors in Wythenshawe.

We focus on providing straightforward, easy-to-digest information and advice because we want to make the mortgage market accessible to more people, making it jargon and hassle-free.

We want to remove the time-consuming elements of scouring the mortgage market and the volume of information available, providing you with only the information you need.

Information that is relevant for you.

We aim to make the property buying journey as smooth as possible, avoiding any bumps in the road regarding your mortgage application.

For the best information, reliable advice, and incredible mortgage deals around, contact us today.

A good mortgage advisor

When looking for the right mortgage advisor for you, there are a few things that we would recommend looking out for to make sure you get the best financial support possible.

Firstly, check that your financial advisor is trained and qualified in all financial affairs, especially mortgages. The mortgage market is a complex sector and requires a detailed understanding of the terms used, tie-in periods, interest applicable, and more.

Do they have experience? I.e., do they have experience in buy to let deals? Or maybe switching from one mortgage deal to another?

Can you check out their customer testimonials or online reviews?

Is your chosen mortgage advisor acting independently? I.e., they don’t work for a specific lender, so aren’t tied to only their deals and offers? Independent mortgage advisors offer you a greater benefit as they have access to all mortgage deals on the market: opening up more and often better opportunities for you to secure a great mortgage deal.

Ensure your advisor is also registered and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority, the regulating body who monitor best practice and financial advice in the sector.

Look for an advisor who takes time to listen. Listen to your situation as well as understand your requirements. They’re open and honest with the information they provide, and this also works for their pricing structure and the fees they charge.

Helping you find the perfect mortgage advisor in Wythenshawe, Mortgage Assistant, do the hard work for you.

Our service offer

In three simple steps:

1. Provide us with further information about what you would like and ideally what you want.

2. We’ll get to work using this information to find a mortgage broker suitable for you.

3. We’ll organise a phone call between you and the chosen mortgage advisor so you can find out more and decide if you would like to continue working together.

And that’s it!

Let our team use their expertise and knowledge to find a financial partnership that works for everyone.

Bespoke solutions

We believe that all mortgage advice should be tailored to each individual. No one person is the same, and no single house purchase is the same.

Finding the best deals for you, your mortgage advisor can help you if:

You’re a first-time buyer and looking at the best mortgage deals to secure your first dream home. Taking you through the mortgage application process and helping to make sense of your requirements too, your financial advisor can be with you every step of the way.

You’re looking for a buy to let deal! An extremely popular choice for many homeowners, adding to your property portfolio and generating a lucrative investment for the future. To ensure your investment remains a good one, choose a mortgage deal best suited to your situation.

You’re looking to remortgage your home. Maybe you want to switch deals and move onto a better deal for you, or would you like to take cash out of the house and you’re looking for a deal to match?

Whatever your situation or requirements, a professional, independent, FCA-approved mortgage advisor can help.

Why work with Mortgage Assistant?

We’re extremely professional, experienced across the entire mortgage market, we have an extensive database of independent mortgage advisors, and we’re a really friendly bunch too!

We help to locate the best mortgage advisor suited to your requirements not only in Wythenshawe but throughout the Northwest of England.

Providing you with the right information and valuable insight into the industry, we work hard to make sure you receive the best solutions and deals around.

We’re open and honest in all of our communications, helping to increase your chances of securing the mortgage you need and saving you time and money in the process.

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Areas we operate

Working hard throughout the Northwest, we cover the areas:

Sale, Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester, Stockport, Bolton, Preston, Rochdale, Wigan, St. Helens, and Salford.

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