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We want to help you find the best and the right mortgage specialist to meet your financial requirements and answer your mortgage questions.

Helping to take away the stress and give you back precious time, at Mortgage Assistant, we can confidently say that any mortgage advisor found through our Find an Advisor tool is independent, FCA-approved, and experienced in the world of mortgages.

Securing the best mortgage deal for you, Mortgage Assistant wants to work with you, understanding your requirements and what you want to achieve.

Working with first-time buyers, those looking for buy-to-let mortgages, or those looking to re-mortgage securing a better deal, find some of the best mortgages Stockport has to offer.

Mortgage Assistant at your service

We are Mortgage Assistant.

A team you can trust to provide clarity in what can often be seen as a complex market.

Providing detailed information on current mortgage products and deals available your mortgage broker can help to ensure your property purchasing process is smooth.

Using our FREE Find an Advisor tool, we help you find independent, experienced, and professional mortgage advisors in Stockport. Advisors who have access to all the latest deals and mortgage information currently available. Not restricted to specific lenders, you will have access to all information and all mortgage products.

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What makes a good financial advisor?

A professional financial advisor Stockport will be:

  • Qualified
  • Trained
  • Experienced
  • Independent
  • Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Good listeners
  • Open
  • Honest
  • Friendly

It’s also advisable that you check and compare all fees and cross-reference all services that they provide.

Check out testimonials and online reviews to ensure that who you’re working with are who they say they are.

Matching you with the right mortgage advisor, find a financial advisor you can rely on with

Mortgage Assistant.

Our service to you

1. We gather some basic information from you, outlining the property type you would like to purchase, the type of mortgage you would prefer to secure, your current financial situation, and more.

2. We’ll then use this information to find the best mortgage broker in Stockport, suited to meet your requirements and ready to answer your questions.

3. We’ll book a call between you and the mortgage advisor in question to discuss your requirements further and to see if you would like to continue.

We use our expertise to confidently match you with a mortgage broker who is right for you—saving you time and increasing the chances of securing your mortgage and getting your foot on the property ladder!

What do we ask for in return?

If you decide to work with a mortgage advisor we have paired you with, simply let us know how you get on.

Find a mortgage advisor for you today.

Bespoke solutions tailored to you

By offering you one-to-one advice and tailored information, we aim to ensure you get the results you want.

Our bank of Stockport mortgage advisors are FCA approved and independent in their approach to the market. For you, this means they have access to all deals and products currently available; they aren’t tied to specific lenders limiting their reach and the deals on offer.

Honest, professional, and experienced in a range of mortgage applications, you can have 100% confidence that your mortgage application is in good hands.

Working with Mortgage Assistant

The team at Mortgage Assistant are experts in what we do—locating mortgage brokers throughout Stockport who can provide you with bespoke mortgage solutions to suit your house buying circumstances.

Providing valuable in-depth insight into an often complex sector, your mortgage broker is on hand to provide not only the best solutions but the right solutions for you.

Using their wealth of knowledge, your mortgage advisor will understand the financial jargon and terminology used and use their experience to advise you on the best approach to your mortgage application.

Saving you time and potential fees, using a mortgage advisor can also increase your chances of securing the mortgage you require.

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We work throughout the Northwest, covering areas from Stockport to Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester, Sale, Bolton, Preston, Rochdale, Wigan, St. Helens, Wythenshawe, and Salford.

We aim to provide you the most robust service possible. Helping you find a mortgage advisor that can provide you with impartial and straightforward advice.

Who we support

First-time buyers – helping you to navigate the mortgage market, your financial advisor will find you some of the best mortgages in Stockport. Providing you with a high-quality service, we believe the process of applying for your mortgage should be smooth sailing.

Buy-to-let – offering a lucrative investment, buy-to-let mortgages are extremely popular throughout Stockport, making finding the right mortgage broker to secure you the best deal vital. It’s important to be aware that the lending criteria for buy-to-let mortgages differ from that of residential mortgages, where larger deposits are often required; however, tax breaks could be available.

Re-mortgage – are you coming to the end of your current mortgage deal, and you’re looking for another great product to secure? Or maybe you’re looking to make money out of your home and would like specialist advice on the best approach? Find a mortgage broker near you today.

Putting you in touch with a professional advisor – Mortgage Assistant.

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Providing you with the highest service levels, we want to help you on your house buying journey.

Working with the most experienced team throughout the Northwest, we guarantee efficient, effective solutions that work for you.

Remaining compliant with all industry standards, you can trust us to work hard for you.

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