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Whether this is your first mortgage application for your first home or your hundredth buy-to-let property to add to your property portfolio, we have an extensive database of independent FCA-approved mortgage brokers based in Salford ready to help you today. 

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Mortgage Broker Salford

Using a mortgage broker based in Salford means you are working with someone who knows the area. They will work with numerous lenders throughout Salford, and they’ll know a good deal when they see one.

When you choose to work with Mortgage Assistant, you can also have peace of mind that our advisors are independent, having access to the entire financial market. They are

FCA-approved, so you can have confidence they abide by all the latest information and guidance.

To support your mortgage application process:

1. Provide us with further information and details.

2. We’ll use this to pair you up with the right mortgage broker.

3. You will be invited to chat with your mortgage advisor further to see if you would like to work together going forward.

Benefits of using a mortgage advisor

Benefits of using a mortgage advisor

  • They can help make the mortgage process feel less complex.
  • Can support you further when building your property development portfolio.
  • They will provide all the relevant information, so you have everything to hand to make the most informed decision.
  • They can increase your chances of securing your mortgage.

Let Mortgage Assistant find the right advisor for you.

Know what you’re looking for?

When comparing the various different mortgage deals and products on the market and matching these to your financial circumstances, you may also need to consider:

The overall term of your mortgage. I.e., most mortgages will be over a period of 25 years; however, this can be extended by reducing your monthly payments or reduced by increasing monthly payments. The choice is yours, and it’s advisable to consider all affordability factors, interest rates, and charges before making any decisions.

The best mortgage product currently for you. I.e., is a fixed product where you know exactly how much you will be paying each month more suitable, or are you flexible enough to sustain a variable product for a lower rate?

How long do you want to be tied to a product? I.e., most mortgage products are either 2 or 5 years (these are currently the most popular, however, note there are different product terms ranges available) and, depending on your circumstances, will depend on which one will best suit you.

To help make sense of all of these areas and more, work with a mortgage advisor you can trust.

For impartial advice and guidance, find an advisor in Salford today.

What does a mortgage broker do?

  • Compare all mortgage deals and products.
  • Match the best deal with your requirements.
  • Present to you all the fees and costs associated with a mortgage.
  • Check that you’re not tied into the SVR (Standard Variable Rate) at any point during the term of your product.

For the best mortgage Salford has to offer, find your Salford mortgage advisor

What will be required from you?

In order for your mortgage broker to hit the ground running and get to work straight away, they will require certain pieces of information and evidence from you.

Information such as:

  • Your last three months’ payslips.
  • Proof of deposit.
  • Proof of income.
  • Credit score/credit report.
  • Any other information that may be necessary to support your application further.

It is also paramount that you check that the amount you are looking to borrow is within your financial means.

Your mortgage advisor will then use all of this information to help secure the best mortgage deals for you. 

Other costs to consider

There is a lot to consider and think about when buying property and a lot of costs that can often be forgotten about. Some of these costs can include:


Conveyancing costs are the legal fees relating to purchasing your home. The fee you pay will be dependent on the solicitor you use; however, you should also speak with your mortgage advisor, who may be able to provide you with these services at a more competitive rate.

Stamp duty

This land tax is charged by HMRC when you purchase your new home. We advise all potential property buyers to factor the cost of stamp duty into your mortgage process as it can be a considerable fee to be taken by surprise with.

Life insurance

Most lenders will require that the homeowners have some form of life insurance in place when taking out a mortgage product. Your mortgage advisor will provide further information and competitive prices as part of their comprehensive cover.

Building and contents insurance

You must insure your home to protect from accidental and structural damage to the property. Of course, you don’t have to choose your mortgage lender’s policy, and this can be secured elsewhere; however, it must be approved in order for it to be suitable.

Survey costs

There are a range of different types of surveys you can have carried out to the property you’re looking to buy. From straightforward condition reports to in-depth building surveys, depending on your requirements will depend on the overall survey cost.

Guiding you through from start to finish, your mortgage broker Salford.

How long until you have the keys to your dream property?

This is the question that everyone wants to know!

How long is the mortgage process, and when can I expect to receive the keys?!

The typical timeline for a mortgage application stands at any time from three to six months.

The various property types, financial situations, products available, and more make the process different for everyone.

From preparation and receiving your Decision in Principle to finding your new home, working your way through the conveyancing process, exchanging contracts, and agreeing on a completion date, your mortgage advisor can be with you at all steps.

To ensure a smooth process throughout, make sure to find an advisor today with Mortgage Assistant.

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