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Finding the best deal for you 

With access to all the mortgage market, we keep our process simple. So simple; in fact, you can be partnered with a mortgage broker in just three simple steps! 

  1. Tell us what you’re looking for. What type of mortgage would you like? What property are you considering?
  2. We’ll get to work to find an independent, experienced, and FCA-regulated mortgage advisor in Cheshire.
  3. At a convenient time, we’ll arrange a chat (free of charge), so you can decide if you would like to continue.

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Cheshire mortgage rates

Cheshire mortgage rates 

A mortgage is a sum of money you borrow from a chosen lender (bank or building society), forming a financial agreement between both parties. 

The amount you pay back is dependent on the mortgage deal you secure. This mortgage deal will include fees and interest payments. 

Most Cheshire mortgage terms are between two and five years. And when the term of your mortgage expires, you will be in a position to re-mortgage and move to a new deal. 

Areas throughout Cheshire that we cover include Chester, a city in the northwest of England founded as a Roman Fortress! Known for its extensive Roman walls, shopping areas, and Tudor-style buildings, Chester certainly has something for everyone. 

And Warrington, a town situated between Liverpool and Manchester, Warrington boasts the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery with displays from around the world, Gulliver’s World theme park, Parklands, formal gardens, and more! 

Taking the stress and time-consuming elements out of finding the best mortgage deals 

Buying your first home, moving into a bigger property, or re-mortgaging can be a daunting and big decision. 

That’s why we exist. 

We want to help you and ensure you get the best advice available. We work with a range of independent FCA-regulated mortgage brokers in Chester and Warrington who will search the whole financial mortgage market; (they aren’t limited to specific lenders) so they can provide you with a range of options and the best deals for you. 

We aim to make the mortgage experience less complicated with our mortgage brokers explaining all your options to you before you make any final decisions.

A mortgage product for you 

Your independent mortgage advisor will find and compare the best mortgage rates for you based on the information you have provided and your current and future financial standing. 

These deals will be based on various factors and some key variables, so it’s important to be open and completely transparent about what you have and what you want. 

For example, how long do you want to be paying a mortgage? The average term for a mortgage is 25 years; however, you can reduce your term by increasing your monthly payments; alternatively, you can lengthen your term if you would like to lower your monthly mortgage costs. 

The key is finding a mortgage deal that best suits your needs. Again, is a fixed-rate mortgage better for you, so you know exactly how much you will be paying each month? Or is a discounted mortgage rate better because interest rates are set to remain low? 

Your chosen mortgage advisor can help with all these questions and more. 

Note: Your mortgage deal will typically be across a two- or five-year term. If your circumstances change during this time, so can your deal. Please inform your mortgage broker as soon as possible if this happens. 

It’s also important to avoid lenders’ standard variable rate (SVR) as these are some of the most expensive mortgage interest rates you will pay. 

How to get the best deals

Before your mortgage advisor gets to work finding the best Cheshire mortgage rates around, you should also have to hand: 

  • Wage/payslips for the last three months for everyone looking to take on the mortgage. 
  • Proof of a reasonable deposit (the higher the deposit, often the better the mortgage deal you will receive). 
  • Proof of reasonable disposable income. 
  • Evidence of any future financial changes, i.e., promotion, wage increase, etc. 

To support your borrowing decision vs. your dream house, we have a tool to find an mortgage advisor HERE to help! 

Now is also an excellent opportunity to check your credit report and credit score to help show how credit-worthy you are. To keep your credit score at a positive level, make sure your details are up to date, that you pay your credit cards on time every time, that you keep up your payments, and you register on the electoral roll. 

Your mortgage broker will be able to use all of this information and more to compare Cheshire mortgage deals and help to paint the best picture of you when applying to lenders. 

Thinking about taking on a mortgage 

  • Check your affordability levels. 
  • Consider conveyancing costs. 
  • Look into stamp duty. 
  • Insurances can be compulsory (and often essential). 
  • Build into your expenses survey costs (from a simple condition report to full buildings surveys). 

Talking through your mortgage requirements in advance of application is essential. Providing you with enough time to gather all of the relevant information and fine-tune your mortgage application while you prepare, find the home of your dreams, exchange contracts, and finally complete! 

The total time until you receive the keys to your new home is typically between three and six months. 

Get started today. 

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