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Step 1: Tell us a little bit about what you are looking for

Tell us a little bit about what you are looking for

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We’ll find a local independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor near you

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We’ll arrange a free chat so you can can decide if you want to continue

Life is easier with Mortgage Assistants

We Exist To Make Life Easier For You.

Buying a home or re-mortgaging is one the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, so we want to help you get the best advice. Our panel of independent FCA regulated mortgage advisors will search the whole of the market, not just a limited range of options, to find the best deal for you.

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Star Ratings from our Clients

Made the mortgage experience so much less complicated for us than I was

Mr and Mrs E.B

Star Ratings from our Clients

Mortgage Assistants were fundamental in helping me build a healthy Buy to Let portfolio.  

Mr and Mrs F.

Star Ratings from our Clients

“Spent time making
sure we understood our options before we made our final decision. ”

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Getting the right Mortgage Product

Your independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor will compare the best mortgage deals for you based on your circumstances. This will mean taking into account a number of key variables so be open about what you have and what you want.

How long do you want be paying your mortgage? An average mortgage term is 25 years. If you want it to be less, it could mean higher payments and visa versa.

What type of mortgage deal best suits your circumstances? Is it best for you to be on fixed mortgage rate so you know what your outgoings are going to be? Or are you better off on a discounted mortgage rate because interest rates are set to be low for some time to come?

Don’t forget, your mortgage rate deal will typically last between two and five years so as your circumstances change so too can your mortgage deal. And remember, avoid your lenders standard variable rate (SVR) if you can, as they are often the most expensive mortgage interest rate you will pay.

Your independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor will compare all the best mortgage deals not only when you first take out a mortgage, but when the time comes to switch to a different mortgage deal. They will consider all the following factors:

The best mortgage rate deal for your circumstances.

The associated costs of switching to a new mortgage interest rate deal.

That your current mortgage deal will not tie you to a lenders standard variable rate (SVR) on expiry.

MORTGAGE GuideHow to get the best deals.

If you’re considering a mortgage, our guide will help you prepare for when you discuss it with your independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor.

Remember, it’s a lenders job to look for flaws in your mortgage application so taking the right steps before applying now will help you secure the best mortgage deal for you.

Help (Yourself) Test

Before your mortgage advisor goes off to compare the best available mortgage deals, you can help them by doing some homework of your own.

Last three months wage slips for you and your partner.

Proof of a reasonable deposit. The higher the deposit, the better the mortgage deal.

Reasonable disposable income. You may have a good income but is it regularly frittered away on needless items?

Is there any future prospect of promotion or a wage increase. Can you provide proof of this?

Is the amount you want to borrow within your means? Is your dream house realistic given your circumstances?

Get your latest credit report. There are numerous free providers of credit scores so find out what yours is to help you mortgage advisor. If it needs work make sure all your outgoings are registered to your current address; that your pay off your credit cards on time; that you keep up payments on Direct Debits and that you are on the electoral roll. The secret to a good credit score if to use credit products regularly and pay them off on time.

Your independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor will use all of this information to compare mortgage deals and paint the best possible picture to the lender when applying.

Affordability – Is the mortgage right for you.

Your independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor will compare the best mortgage deals from the whole of the market given your circumstances. This will include ‘other’ costs involved in buying a home or remortgaging as they can make a huge difference to the type of deal that is right for you.

Conveyancing costs.

These are the legal cost associated with buying a property. They can vary enormously depending on which solicitor you use. Your financial advisor may be able to provide access to these services at a competitive price, leaving more of your savings to go towards a deposit, meaning a better mortgage rate for you.

Stamp Duty.

This is the charge HMRC levy as a land tax on the purchase of a property, not the sale. Stamp duty can also reduce your deposit so it’s important to factor it into the mortgage comparison process.

Stamp Duty % (Pre Covid19 Rates)

  • Up to £125,000 – 0%
  • £125,001 – £250,000 – 2%
  • £250,001 – £925,000 – 5%
  • £925,001 – £1.5m 10%
Life Insurance Coverage


Life insurance is a safety net that pays off the mortgage in the event that one party to the mortgage dies. Depending on the type of mortgage product you have, it can be compulsory and is often essential. Your independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor may be able to provide you with life insurance cover as part of their suitability assessment.

Lenders will insist that you have buildings insurance to cover the cost of your property in the event that it is damaged or worse, destroyed. You do not have to use a lenders recommended policy but the policy you choose has to be approved by them. Your independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor may well be able to provide you with a competitive buildings insurance rate, meaning less of your deposit is taken.

Contents insurance covers your personal items and is optional but advisable.

Survey Costs.

Surveys are an essential part of the house buying process. Depending on the type of property you are buying, depends on what type of survey is required and the costs involved. They can vary from a simple condition report, to a homebuyer report up to a full buildings survey. Your mortgage advisor will also be able to guide you through this process.

Timelines to Home Buying

Your independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor will help find you the best mortgage deal given your circumstances, but you can help by giving them sufficient time to do their job. You can start discussing a mortgage application as much as six months in advance, affording all parties time to fine tune your mortgage application. This guide lays out the time frames you can expect to face.

Preparation: (deposit, wage slips, income expenditure, repair/prepare credit card/loan payments, credit score). If all is well, Decision In Principle (DIP) can be obtained within 24 hours.

Finding your home: From days to months .

Conveyancing: Depending on the solicitors involved, this can take up to three months.

Exchange of contracts: Normally from one to three months

Completion: Typically, contracts are exchanged up to month prior to completion.

After Completion: Normally, up to a further month is involved in the post completion phase.

Total time: Normally from three to six months

Timelines to home buying


Frequently asked questions are answered here but get in touch if you have more

What does an Independent FCA regulated Mortgage Adviser do?

An independent FCA regulated mortgage advisor will find the best deal for you from the whole of the market, not a mortgage from a limited selection that suits them or the lender. Having assessed your needs and circumstances, they will paint a picture for the potential providers, so that you get the best mortgage deal for you and your family.

How do you choose the best mortgage?

This comes down to what type of mortgage best suits your circumstances. Your advisor will assess this by asking you a series of questions designed to establish what deal will suit your needs, so be open about what it is you want and what you have.

It normally boils down to what property you want to buy and what kind of mortgage is best for you.

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is an agreement between you and a lender (normally a bank or building society) to borrow a sum of money in order to purchase a property. The amount you pay back depends on what mortgage deal you decide on but will usually include interest payments and fees.

Most mortgage deals will last between two and five years. When the term expires, most borrowers will ‘remortgage’ to a new deal otherwise they will default to the lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which normally means a higher mortgage interest rate.

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